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Working with an additive manufacturing recruitment company

“Alexander Daniels Global were present during the whole recruitment process and supported me for my application, job interview, and contract negotiations. They kept an eye on me even after the contract was signed and made sure my start at my new company went smoothly. I got the feeling they were really looking for the best and most fitting professional opportunity for me. Working with the team at AD Global was a true pleasure.”

Raul Salazar, DACH Channel Territory Manager (Ultimaker)

What does it mean for you, your organization and the candidates?

If you’ve ever had to consider employing a recruitment agency, you’ll likely have had to spend time evaluating which recruitment agency is best for you (see: 5 Questions to Ask a Recruiter Before Signing a Contract). But what do you do when you need highly skilled professionals, with specific experience, to match the industry you operate in? You look for a specialized recruiter.

In the additive manufacturing industry, there are relatively few specialized agencies to chose from. So, you may be asking yourself: what can a specialized agency offer me that a regular recruiter or my in-house team can’t?

Let’s evaluate…

For You

First and foremost, when working with an additive manufacturing recruitment agency, you will notice that the details of your requirements and the job specification are understood on a technical level. 

Our additive manufacturing recruiters have a working understanding of the software and hardware in use by the industry and are therefore able to identify the skills and qualifications in candidates to match your needs.

There is also a focus on quality and partnership, making for long-term solutions. Furthermore, our recruiters can advise you on HR and support you through the recruitment process, so you feel organized and in-control at every step of the way. 

Your time will be better spent elsewhere whilst your specialized recruiter compiles a high-quality shortlist for you. Meaning, you can focus on what you do best, while an agency like ours brings the talent to you.

For Your Organization

One of the most important things to consider for your organization when choosing a recruitment agency, is how that agency will be able to represent your business. 

In a recruitment process, candidates will be interacting with your business – either through applications, interviews or research – and the experience they have with your organization should be pleasant at every touchpoint.

Working with an additive manufacturing recruiter, who knows the industry and has invested relationships with you and your organization, means that they will be able to represent your business name in the best possible way throughout the recruitment process. 

For the Candidates

For the candidate, it’s just as important that the same level of understanding is extended to them as is extended to you. A specialized additive manufacturing recruiter will be able to sustain conversations with and understand the 3D printing talent that they engage with.

It is important that candidates feel heard, understood and respected at every stage of the recruitment process. Recruiters often operate as a liaison between the candidate and employer, representing the candidate in the best light as well as the employer.

An additive manufacturing recruiter will not only be skilled in recognizing the right talent for your needs, but will be able to identify when a candidate has transferrable skills or potential to excel in the advertised job. This is something that a regular recruiter or an in-house team might not have the resources to be able to do. This also means opening up your talent pool to vertical industries and widening your chances of making a positive, strategic hire into your team.

To conclude

Choosing to work with a specialized additive manufacturing recruitment company will only increase your chances of making a long-term hire into your business.

From understanding the technical needs of the project, freeing up your time and representing your organization in the best possible light; to recognizing transferrable skills and potential in candidates to provide you with the best, business-healthy hire – there are many benefits to working with a specialized recruiter.

Ready to Start Recruiting?

Want to learn more about the benefits of working with an additive manufacturing recruitment company, like Alexander Daniels Global? Read our success stories or start your recruitment journey by clicking the link below.  

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alexander daniels global is a recruitment company specialized in additive manufacturing

At Alexander Daniels Global, we have a simple vision:
‘To enable the Industrial Revolution in Additive Manufacturing through talent.’  We support organisations in the additive manufacturing industry to achieve their strategic objectives by partnering with them to identify, attract, engage and recruit high calibre professionals globally. We also work with talented individuals to source opportunities which will add value to their career.

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