3 must-do after the job interview

3 tips must-do's after the job interview

What are the crucial must-do after job interview? 

In the additive manufacturing industry, companies have often had bad experiences with their hiring processes, having candidates that are disengaged and eventually fall out of the recruitment process. Therefor, showing your engagement is alpha omega  if you really want that job

The line between being PERSISTENT and pushy is thin  – so let us help you sort things out.

1. Call In A Favor

Do you know someone on the inside? Now might be the time to utilize that contact! Ask a reference to reach out to the recruiter or hiring manager via LinkedIn (or in person) to drop a note praising you.

The note should be simple and could sound like this: “I hear that John Johnson is interviewing with you. I’d just like to say that he would be a strong asset to your team and he is a sharp employee”

2. Send A Thank You Email

Nothing screams engagement like follow up. To make your thank you email especially powerful, include the following 3 elements

Highlight the good things of  the interview
Simply thank them for taking their time to interview you, and try to highlight your favorite parts of the interview:  how you see yourself in the company, the management style, how you find the job attractive, etc. This shows that  you also listened and afterwards reflected on the interview AND it helps you determine if the company is the right  fit for you

Follow-up response to interview question
If you draw a blank on an interview question, this is the time for you to modify or amplify a response!
The note could read: “When you asked me about my biggest career achievement, I apologize that I drew a blank.  The moment I walked out the door, I realized that I should have mentioned …”

Include documentation that illustrates your ability to do the job
Carefully select one or two “pieces of evidence” that show that you are the right person for that job!  For example, press mentions, analysis, reports, etc. Show them, that you can do the job

3. Start Preparing For The Next Interview Step

Now that you’ve had a feeling of what the company wants from you, from the first interview, it’s time to leverage that knowledge and use it to prepare for the next interview. In this industry, the need for talent is urgent, so when a company starts recruiting, they mean business and they want you to start asap. Therefor you should be prepared to be called in  tomorrow. Prepare as soon as possible. And make sure you dig deep to find something  most people do not know about the company. E.g. a milestone, an award, or another defining moment.

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