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Typically, each project and client is unique, so two recruitment processes will never be identical, as we tailor the process to your needs. However, the pathway you can expect to take for each of our recruitment packages can be found here.

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Contingent Recruitment

A great option for clients who are looking to use our services for the first time. By nature, the contingent model can be shaped to suit your needs.

Advanced Selection

An exceptional experience that results in increased candidate engagement and reduces the burden of the recruitment process on your business.


Ideal for companies going through rapid scale-up and/or have a large volume of jobs to fill. This packages shapes your team on the ground from the get-go.

Did you know?

Our recent data revealed that you could reduce the time-to-hire on average by up to 7 weeks by opting for the advanced selection recruitment model! That’s what it means to have a dedicated recruiter on board.

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Advanced Selection
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