Recruitment process

Each assignment and client is unique, so the recruitment processes will never be identical, as we tailor the process to you.

However, the main steps and order of the process remain largely the same. Here is a step-by-step outline, to help you understand how you will work with us.

3d printing recruitment process

1. Get in touch

To discuss your hiring objectives, please get in touch with us via the contact form or directly through one of our consultants.

Get in touch

2. Job briefing

We arrange an in-depth call or face-to-face meeting to discuss the job briefing and your requirements.

We collaborate with you to define the skills and qualifications of the job. It is not only about the technical requirements for the role, so we take our time to understand your business and the type of people who will fit into your culture.

3. defining course of action

Our consultants are specialists, so they know the additive manufacturing industry inside out. Together with you, we review your situation and advice you on the best solution and course of action, since no two recruitment processes are the same.

4. Timescale and milestones

We will agree on project timescales and milestones, to ensure a timely and structured process.

5. Talent Identification & Attraction

Our access to the best additive manufacturing professionals comes from our multi-channel approach to talent acquisition.

  • Direct sourcing of off-market candidates through targeted headhunting
  • Utilization of our extensive network (+65,000 professionals)
  • Strategic Advertising via LinkedIn, our jobs newsletter, our Career Portal, and media partner

6. Talent Screening

We screen each candidate through robust competency-based assessment, skills identification and cultural fit analysis. Moreover, we screen candidates for motivation to ensure a high engagement with your company and thus a higher offer-to-acceptance ratio.

7. Referencing

We ensure the professional references for your potential new employee(s) to guarantee their credibility.

8. Shortlist presentation & client call

We present you with a suitable shortlist of candidates, and arrange a call to discuss your feedback on the candidates.

9. Interview Scheduling 

Depending on your needs, we will arrange interviews between yourself and the candidates.

10. offer management 

You decide on the right person to fill the job.

Before the offer is extended to the candidate, we will communicate and align it with the candidate expectations, communicated at the start of the recruitment process.


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