How Does Advanced Selection Work?

Alexander Daniels Global really screened the whole market, made an assessment of the candidates and provided a briefing of the shortlisted candidates for interview.

This really had a big impact on us, because in the end we were able to find the right candidate.

Marius Geldner
Co-Founder & CFO 
Headmade Materials GmbH

Headmade Materials came to us in 2021 with a need to expand their Sales, Marketing and Business Development function by adding to their C-Suite.

We worked with them on a retained basis on our Advanced Selection recruitment package and successfully placed Levent Akbas as their new Chief Commercial Officer.

Take a look at how it went for them:

So, How Does Advanced Selection Work?

As we mentioned, our advanced selection model is essentially a retained search. This has a few benefits when compared with traditional ‘contingent’ recruitment:

  • Increased focus on your recruitment project
  • A comprehensive shortlist of candidates delivered to you in a presentation pack
  • Market mapping, salary benchmarking and insight into what potential candidates think about your Employer brand.
  • Shortened time-to-hire

We follow a structured, proven process to find the best available talent on the market:


For Advanced Selection projects, we typically employ active headhunting techniques of both active and inactive candidates, advertise the job on our website and relevant job boards, and tap into our 65,000+ strong network of additive manufacturing professionals.


We screen each candidates against agreed criteria and connect with those best suited to what you are looking for.


We then invite the suitable candidates to a screening call to learn more about them, their skills, experience and motivation.


We screen each candidate through robust, competency-based assessment, skills identification and cultural fit analysis. Moreover, we screen candidates for motivation to ensure high engagement with your company and thus a high offer-to-acceptance ratio.

The shortlisted candidates are then presented to you, and an interview schedule established.


Following interviews, contract negotiation will take place – which we may facilitate for you if required – and contracts will be signed, signaling the placement of the successful candidates.

getting started…

You can find out more about how we helped Headmade Materials grow their C-Suite by using our Advanced Selection package, what the effects of finding their new hire was and how they experienced working with Alexander Daniels Global.

To learn more about how the team can support you with an Advanced Selection search, get in touch by leaving your details in the form below:

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