Join Sophie Pontoppidan (Alexander Daniels Global) and Sarah Goehrke (Head of DEI, Board of Directors at Women in 3D Printing) for an exclusive on-demand webinar on ‘Addressing the Gap in DEI in the AM Workplace’ using data from the 2022 AM Salary Survey Report, by ADG.

We Will Cover

We Will Cover

To What Extent Does DEI Play a Role in Today's Workplace?

How Diversity, Equity and Inclusion became a topic of discussion in the AM industry and to what extent companies are incorporating this into the workplace.

Perceptions of AM Talent & Employers on DEI

The gap between Employer and Talent perceptions on DEI strategies and insight into what % of companies don't have any strategies in place.

How DEI Strategies Support & Challenge the AM Workplace

The benefits of employing DEI practices in the workplace and the challenges that this may cause to organizations.

Tips for Improving Diverse Hiring Strategies and DEI in the Workplace

The benefits of implementing or improving diverse hiring strategies and what true diverse hiring looks like. Plus tips on how diverse hiring practices can be improved.


Sarah Goehrke

Sarah is the Head of DEI, on the Board of Directors and the People Track Leader at Women in 3D Printing. As a very active member of the Additive Manufacturing community, she has pioneered many conversations and initiatives on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the industry, having shared her thoughts and ideas in articles, webinars and at industry events or conferences such as Rapid + TCT.

Sophie Pontoppidan

Sophie manages the Digital Marketing at Alexander Daniels Global and wrote and curated the 2022 Additive Manufacturing Salary Survey Report. With only 1.5 years in the industry, she has become very taken with the positive energy and innovation that she sees as a core theme in AM. She enjoys a thought-provoking discussion and supports the sharing of ideas and concepts, with the intention of creating a more understanding community.

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