I am Nick Pearce, Founder and Director of the specialized additive and advanced manufacturing recruitment consultancy, Alexander Daniels Global.

Those who know Alexander Daniels Global, or know me, understand that we founded this business with a belief that Additive Manufacturing will change peoples’ lives. For the past eight years we have made it our mission to enable this exciting technology revolution through talent. We have invested in building strong relationships with our clients and candidates where we aspire to become a ‘trusted’ partner and more than ‘just a recruiter’!

We are starting to hear reports of recruitment practices that would best be described as ‘poor,’ but at their worst are truly detrimental for both the candidate and clients they are claiming to represent. I’m referring to: misrepresenting opportunities to candidates; failing to properly brief candidates; entrapping candidates in exclusivity contracts (that aren’t worth the paper they are written on), that they have been pressured to agree to under the guise of time constraints and given subpar services that do not represent the candidates, or the clients, in a proper way!

It is inevitable that in a market where jobs are at a premium and competition exists, some recruiters will start to cut corners. This is something that we will never do at Alexander Daniels Global.

We will never compromise our principles and values to simply get a resume out to a client before a competitor. We hold dearly our integrity and service, but importantly I know, all of our consultants genuinely care about the people they work with and want to do right by them. This is the essence of partnership. This is how trust is built. This is how long-term relationships are formed and endure through the bad times, but also the good times.

I felt the need to bring this up now because the future for many people and companies in AM is uncertain and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. I want to provide any candidates or clients a commitment from Alexander Daniels Global; we will only ever act in your best interest.

It’s for this reason that I wanted to provide you with some assurances, that when you choose to work with Alexander Daniels Global – whether we are representing you as a client or a candidate – you can trust that:

1. Any jobs you see listed on our website are legitimate, live roles that we are currently working, that we have been briefed on and that we understand the requirements of.

We don’t leave job openings up on our career portal that aren’t still relevant, and furthermore, would never display a job on our career portal that we haven’t been contracted for. We keep working on roles until we find the perfect candidate, which can take anywhere from weeks to many months, and this is why you can trust that we’ve taken the time to understand the requirements of the role, so we can best represent it to candidates.

2. We have strong relationships with the candidates we represent and make it our priority to provide ongoing support with their career growth.

We are in constant communication with the candidates that we are representing, and will not send their profile to clients without prior agreement from them. We fully screen candidates prior to submission and get to know them on a personal level, ensuring that we find the opportunity where they are most likely to find job satisfaction and make an impact. ‘Partnership’ being one of the 4 pillars that underpin our values as a business, we focus on creating long-term relationships with our candidates, where trust is built by providing ongoing support and advice throughout their careers.

3. We have strong relationships with the clients we represent and we care about providing you with the best outcome for your business.

We take the time to understand what our clients need and what their business is all about, as this enables us to find the candidates with the best fit for their open role. We take our responsibility of employer brand representation seriously and make it our priority to represent your brand in the market, in the best possible way. Our focus with clients is to create long-term partnerships – with our longest serving clients staying with us over the past 8 years. We’ve helped support the journeys of our clients from early stage start-ups to multinational companies, and we are truly proud of this.

4. Our consultants are specialized in the additive and advanced manufacturing industries, and can understand the technical requirements of the role / your experience.

Not only are our consultants skilled in identifying active Talent in the market, but they are skilled in engaging passive Talent who might not have applied to your job through an advertisement otherwise. Being specialized in key focus areas of the AM industry also means that our consultants are living and breathing the technical requirements of the roles they work on, meaning that they have a good working understanding of how your experience relates to a job / what kinds of skills would work best in your advertised role.

5. The end-to-end recruitment process will be seamlessly handled and designed to suit your specific business or individual needs.

We understand our responsibility to you as your recruitment partner, is to lighten the load of hiring and/or help you to identify the next best career opportunity that gets you where you want to go. That means we focus on doing all the ‘heavy lifting’ to make sure all you have to do is select the professional / job that works best for you.

For businesses, we tailor our offerings to be more, or less, involved in the recruitment process based off your needs and the requirements of your in-house HR team, if there is one present.

For candidates, we can offer ongoing career support and guidance over the course of your career, or simply keep you informed of the best available opportunity on the market for you. 

I feel very passionately about the recruitment industry and the additive manufacturing industry, and that’s why, with the turbulent period that many companies are currently navigating, I felt it important to share these assurances. The work we do at Alexander Daniels Global seeks to add value to the AM industry, and the contents of this letter are no exception. I hope that in reading this, you will be well-equipped to make sure that your next recruitment process serves you in the best way possible – as a hiring manager or jobseeker.

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to continue serving you, and this industry, in future.


Nick Pearce

Founder & Director at Alexander Daniels Global

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