5 Reasons Why Job interviews are like first dates

5 reasons why job interviews are like first dates

Both a first date and a job interview are nerve-racking for most people. These two events undoubtedly have a lot of things in common; from first impressions to finding the right partner.

We have put together a little piece comparing the two.

1. First impressionas are crucial

Like a first interview, a first date is pivotal in determining the direction and possibility of a potential relationship. Therefore, the first impressions are crucial.

2. A wardrobe crisis is inevitable

Related to the point above, dressing appropriately is key in both a first date and in an interview. Even if that interview is through Skype.

Research shows that your clothes play a vital role in any first impression. Despite a good first impression, dressing appropriately will make you feel and appear more confident. 

3. You’ve probably googled one another

If you go on a date with someone you have never met, you have most likely googled them or gone to their social media profile. Either to check them out and maybe try to figure out subjects you could talk about.

The same goes for job interviews and finding out who you are about to meet. Knowing your interviewer will allow you to target your conversation and target your sales pitch better. Moreover, you will feel much better knowing who you’re about to meet.

4. It’s a two-way conversation

How awesome would it be to be on a first date, and you just kept asking questions, and the other answered, all the while just talking about themselves? Not exactly the best way to start out a new relationship.

Engaging the other party shows your interest in them, and it is a good chance for you to figure out whether you are a good match for each other.

Asking questions for the hiring manager at the end of an interview is important to figure out if you are a fit for the company. You could for example ask “Why did you choose to work here and why do you enjoy it?”. This way you show interest, you make the conversation more free-flowing and it emphasizes to the hiring manager that this is also a decision for you, and not just for them.

When you date someone, you move forward if you feel a connection. Same goes for a job interview.

5. You’ll likely spend the coming time waiting for a call

After the interview / date is done, you are likely to sit by and wait for a call. But it may be better to be proactive (without being pushy).

After a date, you may say “I had a great time, and I think we have a lot in common”. The same approach for an interview, may go like this: “After our conversation, I feel that the qualities and skills you are looking for align with my background and motivations. Would you agree?”.

We have found, that proactive candidates have a better chance of keeping the hiring managers engaged, so we have made a guide on how to follow up after an interview: 3 must do’s after the job interview 

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