3 interview tactics we always forget

3 interview tactics we always forget

You know the ‘usual suspects’ of interview tactics; bring a resume, make eye-contact and wear clothes that don’t distract.

Although that is good advice, there is much more to landing a job today.

For your next interview, consider these tactics to go the extra mile in a contest typically won by inches.

1. Have something to say about the industry

Because the Additive Manufacturing industry is still very young, it often happens that candidates do not have 3D Printing / additive manufacturing experience but has experience in similar industries with synergies to AM. If that is your case, remember to study the industry, read news reports and blogs, in advance of your interview, and be ready to work important issues into the conversation.

2. Know the company challenges

Dig into the company’s recent successes and failures and in the client and customer base to show that you are aware of their most vital challenges. This will reveal your dedication and prompt the interviewer to envision you in the role

3. Talk about the competition

A strong understanding of what keeps your boss-to-be awake at night is one way to put any doubts about your candidacy to bed.

Want more career advice?

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