Case study: Sales Director

ADDITIVE manufacturing Sales Director

Client: formlabs

Location: germany

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The case

Formlabs designs and manufactures desktop 3D printers with a cutting edge technology for a big variety of customers worldwide

Formlabs started in the US, but has since expanded to Germany with an office in Berlin.

As a result of this transition from a start-up to a multinational, Formlabs have gone through some structural changes.

A growing company needs to establish certain processes and bring in experienced talent to help shape the company and the internal structure.

As a result, Formlabs needed an experienced executive search company to assist them in filling multiple Director positions.

the placement

Through a collaboration with Alexander Daniels Global, Formlabs successfully filled a Sales Director position in 6 weeks.

Alexander Daniels Global’s expertise in executive search AND in the additive manufacturing industry allowed Form­labs to seamlessly engage with a scarce group of experienced AM Sales Executives and follow a structured hiring process to ensure the right hire.

In executive searches, it is crucial to have a talent partner due to the fierce competition for the same scarce talent on the market, who are often working for a competitor.

Executive searches are handled with the strictest confidentiality and require a deep trust level to the recruiter.

Alexander Daniels Global utilised its vast network and close relationship to top candidates to complete this hire.


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