Birmingham Prestige Award Winner

birmingham prestige award winner

Alexander Daniels Global has been awarded the Birmingham Prestige Award for Specialised Recruitment Agency of the Year

The Birmingham Prestige Awards recognises businesses that provide a personal approach towards their customers, and maintain a high-quality level of service and experience.

Alexander Daniels Global has been recognised as a world leading company in the niche recruitment of 3D printing professionals, proving fast-paced growth and delivering outstanding performances in a competitive environment.

In particular, the Birmingham Prestige Award panel of judges acknowledged Alexander Daniels Global for their thought-leadership and their unique approach to dealing with candidates, clients and the 3D printing industry as a whole. The judges put weight on the extraordinary content and reports provided by Alexander Daniels Global, namely the industry wide Salary Survey and the Talent Market Whitepaper that provide the industry with much-needed insights on the talent market. Moreover, the judges valued the niche knowledge and specialization, that results in a high job to placement ratio.

“The Birmingham Prestige Award is recognition for the hard work and quality of the people within our business at Alexander Daniels Global. We are all hugely passionate about technology. We believe that Additive Manufacturing will change peoples’ lives and every one of us is committed to our mission of enabling the revolution in additive manufacturing through talent” says director Nick Pearce.


Driving the next industrial revolution

Alexander Daniels Global drives the 4th industrial revolution by empowering professionals and other businesses to thrive. The company offers its contribution to the AM industry through a vast range of articles, videos and discussions including the industry’s problems, solutions, forecasts and the ultimate AM news.

Finally, due to the niche focus and knowledge on recruitment for the 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing industry, together with an extensive network, Alexander Daniels Global has established itself as a top quality recruitment company when it comes to finding the perfect candidate within 3D printing, delivering the same level of excellence from junior to executive roles. We will develop a deep understanding of our clients; their goals, challenges and culture; providing innovative solutions to fill the skills gaps they identify.

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