This year’s annual additive manufacturing salary survey is now closed – offering insights across hiring landscapes and the hot topics that have emerged in additive manufacturing in 2023. So, while you’re waiting for the results, we’ve collated a few extra insights from professionals in the Additive and Advanced Manufacturing industry landscape. Want to be first in line to receive our latest salary survey? Pre-register today to get the results directly in your inbox as soon as they’re released.

Over 85% of Additive Manufacturing Professionals said they were open to new opportunities in 2024

We found that 87% of Additive Manufacturing Professionals who entered our LinkedIn Poll were either “very open to a career change” (42%) or “always interested in exploring” (45%) new career opportunities in 2024.

What’s Going on in the Additive Manufacturing Talent Market?

It’s no secret that in 2022 and 2023 the industry has faced challenges such as market consolidation, and a cautious approach to investment from 3D printing technology companies, which has had a further impact on company operations and workforce dynamics. In another recent poll, we found that the majority of professionals selected that the primary reason that they were exploring new career opportunities in 2024 was because of an “unhealthy work environment” (36%).

What Causes an Unhealthy Working Environment in the Additive Manufacturing Industry?


26% of professionals in the Additive Manufacturing industry were looking for new opportunities because their current employment is unstable. Instability often goes hand in hand with an unhealthy working environment.

Market Consolidation

Market consolidation can impact how professionals feel about their working environments as it can result in increased pressure and workload, especially if there’s a drive to streamline operations and cut costs.

Change in Organizational Structure

Changes in management and organizational structure can evoke a feeling of uncertainty or instability in the workplace and can contribute to unhealthy competition among employees contributing to a sense of an unhealthy working environment.

Poor Commmunication

Effective communication is crucial during the market consolidation process. Poor communication about changes and how they impact employees can lead to rumors, fear and feeling undervalued.

Additive Manufacturing Professionals are Demanding More Compensation

In the same poll, 30% of professionals said their reasoning for looking for a new position is because of the demand for more compensation. There are many reasons why talent may be looking for positions with more compensation such as;

· Cost of living crisis – In the UK rising living costs including housing, food and bills are a big influence for professionals to seek better compensation. The impact of the rising cost of living has also influenced the US and European markets.

· Skill and experience growth – The additive manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving, meaning skilled individuals with up-to-date experience can be in high demand.

· Market consolidation – Market consolidation can result in increased workloads as well as opportunities in operational and strategic roles.

How can Alexander Daniels Global help?

Here at Alexander Daniels Global, we conduct direct sourcing through targeted headhunting to access inactive candidates alongside our database and extensive network of active candidates. To put it simply, your recruitment needs for Additive Manufacturing Talent can be seamlessly handled by our specialist team – putting the right candidates in front of you when you need them most.

Alternatively, if you’re working in the additive or advanced manufacturing industry, browse our career portal to apply for our varied open job vacancies.

For more information about how we can help, contact our team of expert recruiters today. We also have a wealth of HR resources, preregister for our annual salary survey to ensure you’re on top of hiring trends in additive manufacturing.

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