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At Alexander Daniels Global, we work closely together with both our candidates and clients to ensure that both parties are happy. We focus on long term relationships and really nurturing our contacts, in order to provide the best possible service out there!

These are some of the steps in our process for recruitment in the 3D printing / advanced manufacturing industry

  1. One of our consultants will have a phone interview with a candidate to assess both their soft skills and learn more about their career aspirations, motivations, and interests
  2. As fitting and desirable opportunities arise through our clients, the consultant will contact the candidate to see if they are interested in applying. We make sure to keep in contact with our candidates and catch-up with them often, so we know how their career is developing, and how we may support them
  3. If the candidate is interested, the consultant will provide insights into what the employer is looking for, beyond the job description. This is highly useful for the candidate as many crucial wants and needs from a company perspective, are often not expressed in the job description – but as we know our clients very well, through long-term relationships, we also know what they want.
  4. The consultant will then alter the resume and present it to the hiring manager and talk to them about why this specific candidate is suitable for the job. Our consultants’ abilities to present and tell a story about the candidate is a huge advantage over candidates coming in through an application system. Our consultants know our clients and their hiring managers very well, and they know us, and have trust in our judgement and screening. This trust relationship is crucial for a good process and a high chance of placement.
  5. When an interview is arranged between the candidate and the company, the consultant will prep the candidate on the expectations and needs of the company


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