Who and what is the Salary Survey for?


This year, we are conducting the 4th edition of the global Additive Manufacturing Salary Survey.

The Salary Survey seeks to answer burning questions for AM employers and employees alike, regarding compensation, hiring trends and in-demand skills. The Salary Survey serves as a benchmark for the entire AM industry.


5 reasons the survey is relevant for AM professionals


1.Find out if you are being paid enough

Is your employer paying you enough according to your market value, your skill set and your seniority? Use the salary study to find out.


2.Advance your career by discovering key skills

The study shows which specific skills are most in-demand from AM employers. This can help you decide which skills to advance in order to develop your career further.


3.Discover your likely salary increase

With greater experience and more years within the additive manufacturing / 3D printing industry, how much is your salary likely to grow? The salary survey helps you figure it out.


4.Make your relocation choice easier

The study is worldwide and can thus provide information about what a professional in your specific positions could and should earn in different regions


5.Learn which discipline to specialize in

If you are looking to further your education, this study will provide you with useful insights into which disciplines and jobs are in highest demand, and can thus help you determine where to focus your learning on




5 reasons the salary survey is relevant for employers / companies in AM


1.Know the additive manufacturing / 3d printing hiring trends

As an attentive employer in AM, you want to be in tune with the current hiring trends within the additive manufacturing industry. This will help you identify where to focus your hiring efforts


2.Get insights into how to attract and retain employees

What is the package that you should offer to 3D printing professionals of different disciplines to attract them to your organization?

The salary survey provides the salary benchmark across different regions and disciplines, as well as it provides statistics on the highest valued benefits by employees. This can help you put together an attractive remuneration package to attract and retain employees.


3.Find out what makes AM employees stay in or leave a job

The salary survey lists the top reasons / motivations for AM employees to both stay in a current role, or leave in favour of another job.


4.See if your company is paying the industry salary standard

Is the remuneration package offered by your company aligned with the AM industry standards?


5.Get statistics to help your strategic decisions

What is the staff budget that we need in order to expand our business to another country? What is the salary we must pay to a strategic professional to make my company move forward?

The salary survey will give you the stats to help you decide.



We are currently collecting responses to the survey, so this is your chance to collectively shape the compensation landscape in the 3D printing / additive manufacturing industry for years to come.

Both employees and employers requested the survey results from the past three years and the reports received numerous praises. It is a benchmark study that addresses an industry that is just beginning to build its voice.


Fill out the Survey and submit your email to receive a free copy as soon as the analysis of the results will be out.

You can participate in the Salary Survey for AM professionals here 

You can participate in the Salary Survey for Employers here 



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