We’re not just your average recruiter

I recently reached out to a top-tier talent for a brilliant position that would have been perfect for him. He cut of the conversation when I told him I was a recruiter.

Sometimes, working with a recruiter can seem as if you are a product they are trying to sell, just for the benefit of their own commission. It can seem as if you are just one in hundreds of other candidates they have headhunted, and that they do not really care about the advancement of your career. Working with us is different.


At Alexander Daniels Global we do not focus on short term deals and our own profit maximization. We have an entirely different vision in mind. Our vision is to enable the fourth industrial revolution through talent. And to do that, we need you. That is why we are not like other recruitment specialists; because we rely more on the talent than they rely on us. That is why we value long term relationship and we focus on nurturing our candidates – despite the outfall of the recruitment process.


Throughout the recruitment process, our goal is to help you advance your career in the desired direction. We put a lot of effort into getting a good understanding of where you want to go, what your killer skills are, and understanding exactly where and how we can help advance your career. We treat our candidates as they should be treated – as individuals. We treat them with respect, understanding and a genuine wish to help.


We do not see ourselves as recruiters, but as partners. Partners from the beginning to after the end of the recruitment process.


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