Top 5 Worst CV Mistakes In the AM Industry


We see hundreds of CV’s every week, so we know what catches attention, and what scares us away

Here are the 5 worst mistakes and how to avoid them:


CV Mistake #1: Failing To Provide An Introduction

This industry changes everyday and therefor we might not know all companies by heart. If there is no introduction to the company and position, we are not always sure what you were doing there and thus how that might be relevant for us to place you.


TIP 1: Include a brief introduction to both position and company

  • Example: “Materialise has over 25 years of experience in providing 3D printing services and software solutions for a variety of industries, including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and art and design”
  • Example: “I joined as a technical sales engineer to support the product management team”



CV Mistake #2: Too Little Information

The 3D printing / additive manufacturing industry is complex and there are many different skills and technologies. Because of the talent shortage, we are looking for talent within industries with synergies to 3D printing. Therefor, it is crucial that you specify exactly what kind of experience you have.


TIP 2:  Specify technologies, software, and machines you have experience with

They will work like buzz words and immediately ring a bell



CV Mistake #3: Generic CV’s Are Doomed To Disappoint

You have probably read this one before. But that doesn’t make it any less relevant!

Generic CV’s rarely work – unless your profile and experience is generic too, which none of us would ever admit to of course.

They don’t work for several reasons including:

  1. Your skills related to a specific job don’t stand out
  2. It shows that you are not committed to the application process


TIP 3: Do. Your. Research

Every job is unique. So should your CV be.

Do an effort to carefully read the job descriptions and try to match your experience to this – make sure to put the best matches at the top of your bullet points



CV Mistake #4: Lacking The “… And So What?” Factor

Our job is to create a story around your profile, and present that in the best possible way to the clients. Therefor, something we are really looking for in your CV, is your ability to spell out the connection between your background (skills and studies) and the job requirements.


TIP 4: Find the business value of your degree or job experience

What did it teach you to do? How will that be useful in the job you are now applying for? Address each job specification – try using the phrase “Trained to…”

  • Example:  “Trained to organize and analyse data in a concise and visual manner”



CV mistake #5: Long Sentences

You don’t need long sentences in your CV. Keep paragraphs short and in bulletpoints: long sentences (especially in your summary section) will often be ignored.


TIP 5: Write in snipbits

Stick to the facts and to bulletpoints. Try to write in a news-flash style with an ‘action-result’ or ‘result-action’ approach.

  • Example: “Shortened production time by 25% through process optimization”


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