Tips for finding your next AM / 3D printing job: all your job search questions answered

Question 1: How do I optimize my LinkedIn for an AM / 3D printing job search?

In this industry, the skill shortage is severe, which means that the industry is growing so fast, that the amount of talent and training demanded, is just not there yet. This means that companies are increasingly looking to recruit people with experience within industries with synergies to 3D printing. This also means that it becomes of paramount importance to make your expertise in different technologies or disciplines stand out. Be specific with which technologies and practices you have experience with.

Moreover, using keywords in your headline, rather than just putting your current job, attracts the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. For example, Project Manager, does not tell us a lot about your experience or your field, as opposed to “3D Printing Project Manager, Polymer Expert”.

Another tip is to add projects to your profile, so that the consultants can present you with solid and tangible examples of experience.


Question 2: Resume – How long should my resume be?

There is no definite rule as to how long your resume should be – one common rule though, is between 1-2 pages. In this industry though, it may be longer than this, relative to your experience, because some technologies or roles may need further explanation.


Question 3: Resume – What things should I highlight on my resume?

Your resume should be brief and to the point, yet making sure the reader knows exactly what you have been doing. This means providing a short introduction / summary of the company and your role there, followed by providing your responsibilities in bullet points.

It is important, for this industry, that you highlight technologies and specific skills and experience for recruiters to be able to identify you as a good fit – even though you may not have direct experience in 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing.


Question 4: Interview – What kind of questions will I get in an AM interview?

The short answer is: a mix of technical, soft skills and behavioral questions. Companies tend not only to be interested in your hard skills but are often interested in your motivations for the job and how you see your career evolving within that company.

Typical questions within this industry are:

– What are your years of experience within this industry?

– Have you worked in similar industries or with similar technologies?

– Are you willing to travel?

– Would you prefer working in a start-up or a multinational? Why?


Question 5: Skills – Which AM skills are in highest demand?

Being a company focusing on a niche industry (talent for 3D printing and additive manufacturing), we know what companies are looking for and how the industry is going to evolve, HR wise.

These are the most in demand skills of 2017:

– Channel management

– Polymer science

– Metallurgy

– Design, process and quality engineers

– Image processing

– Software and firmware

– C++

– Knowledge of CNC and other manufacturing technologies


– CAM software

– Knowledge of the advantages of 3D Printing in the entire supply chain and manufacturing process


Question 6: Positions – Which AM positions are most in demand?

– Sales channel managers and sales force

– Marketing

– Material Science engineers

– Process engineers

– Industrial designers

– Quality engineers

– CAD designers

– Application engineers


Question 7: Salary – Which AM jobs pay the best?

Our 2016 Salary Survey, based on our polling of 4000+ worldwide Additive Manufacturing companies and professionals, shows that these jobs were best paid in 2016:

– Application & Consulting Manager

– Sales Manager

– R&D Manager

We are currently conducting the 2017 version of this salary survey – if you want to participate, click here.


Question 8: Job hunting – How do I find a full-time AM job?

Looking to transition from contracting work to a more permanent position? AM employers value culture fit, creativity, and passion for new technologies in full time employees.

Our job portal (search here) specializes in jobs within the 3D printing / AM industry, so you can start having a look here! If you do not find what you are looking for, send us your CV and we will see what we can do for you, or keep yourself posted on our LinkedIn company page as there will be new job postings every Tuesday.


Question 9: Job hunting – What is it like to work with a recruiter?

At Alexander Daniels Global, we work closely together with both our candidates and clients to ensure that both parties are happy.

  1. One of our consultants will have a phone interview with a candidate to assess both their soft skills and learn more about their career aspirations, motivations, and interests
  2. As fitting and desirable opportunities arise through our clients, the consultant will contact the candidate to see if they are interested in applying
  3. If the candidate is interested, the consultant will provide insights into what the employer is looking for, beyond the job description. This is highly useful for the candidate as many crucial wants and needs from a company perspective, are often not expressed in the job description – but as we know our clients very well, through long-term relationships, we also know what they want.
  4. The consultant will then alter the resume and present it to the hiring manager and talk to them about why this specific candidate is suitable for the job. Our consultants’ abilities to present and tell a story about the candidate is a huge advantage over candidates coming in through an application system. Our consultants know our clients and their hiring managers very well, and they know us, and have trust in our judgement and screening. This trust relationship is crucial for a good process and a high chance of placement.
  5. When an interview is arranged between the candidate and the company, the consultant will prep the candidate on the expectations and needs of the company


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