Exclusive webinar

The effects of the Great Resignation
on the AM Hiring Landscape

Exposing the data from the 2022 AM Salary Survey Report

We Will Cover

We Will Cover

The State of the AM Talent Market

What is the ratio of available candidates to jobs between 2020 and 2021? How many available jobs were there in 2021 compared with the growth in the AM talent market? What was the industry turnover in 2021?

The Impacts on Hiring Companies

How many professionals changed jobs in 2021? How will the Great Resignations affect the % of available talent on the market? and what are employers facing in terms of hiring in 2022?

Why Retention Hiring is the Way Forward

Why retention hiring will be the strategy of focus for hiring companies in 2022 and a discussion of what that looks like for employers.

Tips for the Future

Advice on how to apply retention strategies, and tips for what hiring companies can do ensure the longevity of their teams.


Nick Pearce

Nick is the Founder & Director at Alexander Daniels Global. He is actively involved in the AM industry and has become well known amongst some of the biggest names in 3D Printing, founding Alexander Daniels Global on the basis of wanting to contribute to the growth of the industry through talent

Sophie Pontoppidan

Sophie manages the Digital Marketing at Alexander Daniels Global and wrote and curated the 2022 Additive Manufacturing Salary Survey Report. Since joining the industry in 2021, she has become very taken with the positive energy and innovation that she sees as a core theme in AM.


What the Talent Really Wants in 2022

What does the talent want? What can you do to attract talent? What can you reasonably expect to receive as part of a compensation package in 2022? Join the AD Global team as they delve into the data.


The Gap in DEI in the AM Workplace

How highly is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion valued in the AM workplace? What does the talent want from their employers and what do companies in the industry currently do to support DEI?
Join AD Global as they discuss the data showing a gap in approaches to DEI in the industry.


Alexander Daniels Global is a recruitment company specialized in additive manufacturing

At Alexander Daniels Global, we have a simple vision: ‘To enable the Industrial Revolution in Additive Manufacturing through talent.’  We support organizations in the additive manufacturing industry to achieve their strategic objectives by partnering with them to identify, attract, engage and recruit high caliber professionals globally. We also work with talented individuals to source opportunities which will add value to their career.