• Location

    New York, United States

    Willing to Relocate within the United States

  • Highlights

    • +7 years hands on experience evaluating and developing processes for a variety of printing processes, incorporating both metal and polymers.
  • Skills

    • Researched on AM technologies to improve mechanical, material, and surface properties for both metal and polymer. Worked on variety of technologies such as: SLM, EOS M290, EBM, Material Jetting, FDM, SLA
    • Surface engineered (topography and material compositions) of medical implant surfaces with AM to reduce bacteria attachment
    • Reverse engineered biomimetic surfaces with AM
    • Applied topology optimization with AM for bio-filter media to maximize specific surface area in order to maximize the nutrient removal in waste water treatments
    • Applied topology optimization with AM for concentrated solar cell fixtures to increase light concentration
    • Published author of several journal articles on Additive Manufacturing and rapid prototyping topics
    • Solid experience with AM software
  • Education

    • BSc in Industrial Engineering
    • MSc in Manufacturing Engineering
    • PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering

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