Technical Sales Specialist



Willingness to relocate: yes



  • +9 years experience as AM sales manager
  • +6 years experience as applications engineer for AM software (CAD / CAM)
  • Strong track record of selling metal AM machines
    • Generated £720k Revenue in 5 months and secured short-term low volume production run totalling £410K
  • Strong track record of selling AM software (average deal value of £20K)
  • Has experience selling AM software and machines to a variety of clients (Aerospace, F1, Defense, Medical, Automotive)



  • +15 years experience in AM (as sales manager and application engineer)
  • Strong technical knowledge
  • AM Technical Consultant within the Transport and Automotive industry with a specific focus on the UK Formula 1 teams and Supply Chain.
  • Close client relations to assist in long-term business plans for AM
  • Develop strong program management leadership when acting as an Opportunity Technical Leader
  • Experience in selling metal AM machines
  • Strong design and engineering background enables the candidate to help clients develop strategic introduction plans for the use of metal AM within their product portfolio


  • BSc in Product Design


Candidate #41


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