Download AD Global’s 2021 3D printing careers salary survey – the industry’s leading salary study.

Explore insights into hiring trends and remuneration packages across the additive manufacturing industry.

A Special Thanks

A Special Thanks

This report was made for the industry, by the industry, to help employers understand hiring trends and create an effective talent acquisition strategy. A special thanks to all who have participated in the survey throughout 2020.

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The 2022 Salary Survey Report

Packed full of expert insights, data on the compensation landscape and an overview of the global Additive Manufacturing market.

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What to Expect?

Our 56-page report is packed with quantitative and qualitative analysis provided by additive manufacturing recruitment experts. Access recruitment and salary trends in the 3D printing industry:

What to Expect?

  • Explore average salaries across several seniority levels, six key disciplines and key regions (EMEA, APAC and North America). 
  • Explore what the talent wants – intentions to change jobs, motivations, drivers, valued benefits and more.
  • Explore hiring trends, in-demand roles and skills, hiring intentions, and the market trends.

What is a competitive salary package in Additive Manufacturing in 2021?

With the talent shortage in the additive manufacturing / 3D printing industry, an effective talent acquisition strategy couldn’t be more critical. 

This report seeks to answer the burning question both AM employers and professionals in the AM industry have – what is a competitive 3D printing salary package?

  • It provides insights for AM employers to assist their talent strategy for 2021. 
  • It provides AM professionals with a salary benchmark to enable comparison.


    3D Printing Jobs Salary Survey Insights

    3D Printing Jobs Salary Survey Insights


    Check and compare the salary range you offer your employees in additive manufacturing.

    Explore hiring trends

    Explore how salaries are split by discipline, hiring intentions, in-demand skills, most valued employee benefits, motivations to change jobs, in-demand disciplines and much more.


    Discover how salaries progress in the additive manufacturing industry - the report covers a range of seniorities, from entry-level to C-suite.

    Most comprehensive study

    Investigate 3D printing salary insights with the 5th edition of the most comprehensive salary study in the Additive Manufacturing industry.

    Disciplines covered

    Delve into salary details across six key job disciplines: R&D and Engineering, Sales, Service, Application & Consulting, Marketing and Software.


    Gain insights into industry statistics not only in your own country but worldwide - the report covers key locations: EMEA, APAC and North America.

    What is the
    salary survey?

    This is the 5th edition of the Global Additive Manufacturing Salary Survey. As the most comprehensive salary study in the 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing industry, the report provides the benchmark for remuneration packages within AM. It is an essential for any employer in the industry.

    The results provide key insights into additive manufacturing specific trends, salaries, hiring intentions, candidate motivations, in-demand skills, what attracts talented professionals, and more.

    The 3D printing careers Salary Survey report can be used as a guide for organisations in setting the right remuneration packages to attract the best talent. The study helps professionals understand where they are in the talent market and what they should be getting paid. 

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