Salary 3d Printing

Salaries 3D Printing


What is the salary benchmark in 3D Printing?

This question is answered by the 2019 Salary Survey for 3D printing, available for free download here.

The report uncovers the average salaries for the 3D printing industry; across key geographic regions, six job disciplines and several levels of seniority.

Each year, Alexander Daniels Global surveys professionals and companies from across the industry, to provide a comprehensive insight into salaries, hiring trends, attitudes towards salaries, benefits and motivations. The survey is an invaluable tool for both employers and professionals to understand the salary landscape.

This report seeks to answer the burning questions both 3D printing employers and professionals in the 3d Printing industry may have.

  • It provides insights for 3D printing employers to assist their talent strategy for 2020.
  • It provides 3D printing professionals with a salary benchmark to enable comparison


salary survey 3d Printing

47-page report packed with quantitative and qualitative analysis provided by 3D printing recruitment experts.

Explore average salaries across several seniority levels, six key disciplines and key regions (EMEA, APAC and North America). Explore what the talent wants; intentions to change jobs, motivations, drivers, valued benefits and more. Explore hiring trends, in-demand roles and skills, hiring intentions, and the market trends.

The report includes the following

  • Market overview
  • Market trends
  • Global War for Talent
    • What does the talent market look like?
    • What do the employers demand?
  • What attracts talent?
    • Motivations for changing jobs
    • Career Progression spotlight
    • Desired employee benefits
    • Salary competitiveness
  • Top tips on attracting and retaining talent
  • Salary Analysis by discipline; Service Engineering, Application and Consulting, Software, Marketing, R&D and engineering, Sales


We are a recruitment company specialized in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry. We help talented professionals find jobs and we help organisations find talented professionals.

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