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Alexander Daniels Global launches Learning and Development platform for 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom, April 10th 2019 – Alexander Daniels Global launches; a free interactive platform designed to help enhance and upskill professionals working in 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing.

i-AMdigital is the brainchild of Founder and Director of Alexander Daniels Global, Nick Pearce, and Founder of TES Network, Hans van Toor. With extensive experience and knowledge of the additive manufacturing industry, Nick and Hans identified a significant gap in the AM market; the lack of learning and development options to help professionals and organisations upskill and grow their knowledge.

“The learning and development landscape for additive manufacturing is very fragmented. This makes it difficult for individuals and organisations alike to access courses that can help them upskill. i-AMdigital solves both problems through our digital career growth platform.” says CEO and Co-Founder of i-AMdigital, Nick Pearce.

The goal of the platform is to create a continuously growing talent pool for additive manufacturing. i-AMdigital aggregates and gives access to the best learning opportunities and courses in AM to help upskill AM professionals and organisations alike. Courses are offered at all levels; both beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, appealing to first stage enthusiasts and seasoned industry professionals alike. Courses range from the basic understanding of AM Hardware to the more advanced courses in design for metallurgy and software.

i-AMdigital has partnered with top AM learning institutions like The Barnes Group and MTC Training, who all offer courses relative to additive manufacturing.

“It is an essential tool for the AM industry that will allow talent to grow their career and make an impact in additive manufacturing. It will provide organisations access to a growing and educated talent force to address their hiring needs and a marketplace for learning and development that can help them upskill their existing workforce in the latest technologies”, Nick Pearce continues.

Alexander Daniels Global is proud to offer this new learning platform to professionals and organisations alike, to help grow the additive manufacturing industry.



Nick Pearce, Director and Co-Founder
Phone: +44 7815 184 523


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