5 job-hunting nightmares to avoid this halloween

5 job hunting nightmares to avoid

Searching for a new job can seem daunting to some, and outright horrifying to others. Fear not – we are here to help you avoid some classic nightmares this Halloween!

1. Mass send-outs of your CV

Carpet bombing CV’s to different companies without a targeted approach and without adapting the CV to a specific job description is a scarily bad tactic and it can be a nightmare for the receiver! You are not generic, so your CV should not be either.

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2. Ghosting

Make sure you show up (and in time) to your job interview. Nothing sends a worse signal to the recruiter or hiring manager than someone being late, or entirely forgetting or ditching the interview without notice.

3. Make your job search your sole focus in life

We all need interaction and variety, so make sure the job search does not consume your entire life. Otherwise, you may find yourself being sucked out of energy and motivation to keep searching very quickly.

4. Searching the same place as others

Public job boards are arguably the easiest way to look for new opportunities, but it is also where you will find the most competition; try and expand your search to networking, referrals, and recommendations. And while job searching is a personal experience, share it with friends and family – who knows, perhaps someone in their network can help you out. 

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5. Being too humble

Do not be afraid to push yourself forward and blow your own trumpet – that is how you sell yourself and how you make yourself stand out to recruiters and hiring managers. Confidence, not arrogance, is key.

Let us help and guide you

At Alexander Daniels Global, we are specialized in recruitment for the additive manufacturing industry. If you have any questions or if there is anything you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to reach out to us – we are happy to help!

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