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Artificial Intelligence recruitment

As technological advancements continue to streamline processes and increase output, the AI industry is expanding at a rapid rate. With a market potential of $1,874.58 billion by 2030, the AI industry is growing exponentially, with no sign of slowing. As a result, we are experiencing a huge rise in demand for innovative professionals to design and develop the latest cutting-edge AI technologies and applications within manufacturing.

At Alexander Daniels Global, our specialist consultants partner with some of the most innovative companies and research institutions in the additive and advanced manufacturing industries, who are using AI technologies to push the industry into the 4th industrial revolution. With contacts across Europe, the UK and the US, our experts understand the intricacies of the AI sector. So, whether you are searching for specialized AI talent or new career opportunities, our team at Alexander Daniels Global are here to help.


Our job board features a wide variety of disciplines in the advanced and additive manufacturing industries. These roles include, but are not limited to:

• Data Scientists
• Machine Learning Engineer
• AI Engineer
• Robotics Engineer
• AI Software Engineer
• UX Developer
• DevOps Engineers


Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being used as a key component in advanced manufacturing, including broader manufacturing and production, to streamline processes and resolve issues faster than before.

With our global reach, we’re able to source and place AI experts into companies using additive manufacturing technologies within, but not limited to, the following sectors:

• 3D Printing
• Space & Defense
Medical & Healthcare


What is AI?

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, simulates human intelligence by harnessing data analysis and machine learning to make informed decisions. Within the manufacturing sector, AI can be used for supply chain management, quality control and even predictive maintenance. However, the main advantage of AI within the AM industry is its adaptability and efficiency. With the ability to streamline processes and adapt to ever-changing conditions, AI can autonomously identify opportunities to optimise manufacturing processes.

Practical Applications of AI

AI is becoming increasingly popular throughout all industries.  Creatives and engineers alike are all harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to enhance their processes and increase their output. Here are just a few examples of how AI is used within the manufacturing industry.

  • Inventory management: from retail and hospitality to the healthcare and automotive sectors, inventory management is a crucial component of many business models – so accuracy is imperative. With AI, businesses can save a significant amount of time on manual checks whilst also minimising error margins.
  • Automotive algorithms: automotive engineers can harness the power of AI algorithms from the earliest design stages right through to delivering advanced driver-assistance systems to create the ultimate driving experience.
  • Energy Forecasting: another extremely scalable process, AI energy forecasting can be used to predict energy consumption from residential homes to huge electricity grids to forecast the demand and price of electricity.

Benefits of AI

Whilst there are several benefits to utilising AI technology within the manufacturing industry (and wider industries), some of the most impactful benefits, include:

  • Reduced downtime: by pairing predictive maintenance with remote monitoring, AI effectively reduces downtime by informing operators when maintenance tasks need to be performed to maintain optimal performance.
  • Process automation: AI has made automating processes a viable and scalable solution for many businesses. From scheduling appointments for medical patients to manufacturing robots, the applications are endless.
  • Increased efficiency: by using live data to inform decisions, AI can identify opportunities to optimize and adapt processes to effectively increase output.
  • Lower Costs: with the ability to automate processes and accurately allocate resources, operational costs can be reduced significantly.

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