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ADditive manufacturing recruitment

Additive manufacturing has made developing complex products and prototypes accessible, efficient and cost-effective. Countless sectors – from the medical to the mechanical industries – are benefiting from utilizing 3D printing technology in-house, transforming their businesses and increasing their output. In turn, the additive manufacturing industry is estimated to be worth $44 billion by 2027.

At Alexander Daniels Global, we have over 7 years of experience sourcing and recruiting additive manufacturing talent. We utilize our expertise to source high-caliber candidates and career opportunities across the US, UK and Europe. So, whether you are searching for 3D talent or a specialized role, our team at Alexander Daniels Global are here to help.


Our job board features a wide variety of disciplines in the advanced and additive manufacturing industries. These roles include, but are not limited to:

• AM Technicians
• AM / Sr AM Engineers
• AM Technical Sales Specialists
• AM Sales Managers
• AM Technical Marketing Specialists
• R&D and Engineering
• AM Software Engineering
• C-Level / Director Level Positions


Additive Manufacturing technologies are quickly becoming a key component in broader manufacturing technology stacks across countless industries. With our global reach, we’re able to place Additive Manufacturing talent into, but not limited to, the following vertical industries:

• 3D Printing
• Space & Defense
Medical & Healthcare


What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D printing, is the process of creating three-dimensional objects from detailed digital models. With the ability to print layer by layer, additive manufacturing technologies enable the rapid production of complex designs and prototypes whilst minimising waste from excess materials. The applications of additive manufacturing are incredibly varied – from household objects to aerospace engines – highlighting that the technology is only limited by the imagination.

Practical Applications of Additive Manufacturing

There are countless practical applications for AM technology, ranging from developing engine components to designing prosthetics for medical patients. Some industry-specific examples of additive manufacturing applications include:

  • Manufacturing aerospace equipment: from engine components to structural parts, 3D printing allows engineers to design and produce incredibly complex, lightweight equipment, designed specifically for aerospace technologies.
  • Automotive prototyping: rapid prototyping allows engineers to develop new technologies and even produce new vehicles in record time, significantly reducing time to market.
  • Medical advancements: with the ability to customize medical devices, implants and prosthetics to accommodate individual patients’ needs, AM technology is contributing to improved surgical success rates and increased patient comfort.  

Benefits of Additive Manufacturing


Additive manufacturing technology offers a wide variety of unique benefits for each industry. However, some universal benefits include:

  • Reduced waste: with the ability to print to exact design specifications, additive manufacturing generates less waste material and reduces material consumption. 
  • Rapid production: once a successful prototype has been developed, that exact digital design can be used for production purposes, rapidly reducing time to market. 
  • Lower costs: developing products and prototypes directly from digital designs reduces spending on specialist equipment necessary for traditional manufacturing. 
  • Design flexibility: working from a digital blueprint allows designers to adapt products and prototypes quickly and inexpensively. 

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