At Alexander Daniels Global, we are specialized in recruiting for a wide variety of businesses within Advanced and Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing.

From OEMs to Adopters of the technology, we’ve got you covered. We understand your unique business needs, and work to ensure that you make informed hiring decisions to the benefit of your company.

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Working exclusively for the Additive and Advanced Manufacturing industries, we have been fortunate enough to get to know the intricacies of the companies that operate within those industries. As such, we have the unique ability to understand your recruitment and business needs, and apply our expertise in making sure you make well-informed hiring choices. Take a look below at the companies that we work with:


We understand what it takes to design and develop innovative 3D Printing technologies and take that product to market. At Alexander Daniels Global, we help you to identify the talent you need to both develop, market and sell your product or solution.

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Whether you are developing software for design and simulation, or perhaps to optimize production and part identification, at Alexander Daniels Global we are on hand to help you find the professionals that can support your business in the development of your solutions, or in achieving the market penetration required to grow your business.

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Whether you are looking for professionals for the development of new and innovate materials solutions, or perhaps require individuals with a strong understanding of applications that recognize how your materials can be combined with software, design and hardware to meet the application needs of customers, we at Alexander Daniels Global can support you in finding the relevant talent for your business needs.

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Contract Manufacturers/ SERVICE BUREAUS

Advanced adoption of additive manufacturing technologies, largely for production, typically requires a wide range of skills. 

Whether you need individuals with a deep background in product design and development, or maybe someone with experience in project management; maybe customer facing people who can help develop and optimize applications for production and/or sales; or perhaps what you need are people with vertical market expertise to serve your customers and clients. At Alexander Daniels Global, we can help you build a functional team across all the necessary disciplines.

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Typically sitting at the front-end of the industry, you may be looking for sales, applications and service professionals who have the skills to sell your solutions in the industry, and to vertical industries.

See the disciplines and vertical markets that we could recruit for and from, for you:


Adoption of 3D Printing is accelerating within critical industries such as automotive, aerospace & space and medical. 

We, at Alexander Daniels Global, understand the needs of these industries, and can help to identify vertical market specialists with deep understanding of Additive Manufacturing, that can leverage their knowledge of these technologies for your organisation.

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