At Alexander Daniels Global, we also recruit into and from Additive Manufacturing verticals, primarily the Automotive, Aerospace and Medical Industries that are using 3D Printing to revolutionize the way they work.

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As the Additive Manufacturing industry expands, so does the saturation of additive and 3D printing technologies in the market. There is a growing demand for Additive Manufacturing professionals in the vertical industries that use these technologies. Those verticals are:


To decrease the time-to-market and increase the speed of the product development cycle.

Aerospace & Space

For geometric design freedom and practical weight reduction solutions.


For customized, patient specific, solutions and to revolutionize the way medicine is performed.

Other Applications

For use in packaging, FMCG, tooling and other industrial manufacturing processes.


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Applications of Additive Technologies

At Alexander Daniels Global, we are experienced in recruiting into and from vertical industries related to or using 3D Printing. Additive and 3D Printing technologies are helping to advance the manufacturing and prototyping processes across a variety of industries, saving on cost, time and material waste. At AD Global, we find the talent that matches your needs.


From advanced prototyping to tooling equipment and parts, how 3D Printing can be used in the production and manufacture of vehicles is only limited by our imaginations. 

Applications of Additive Manufacturing in vertical industries is quickly catching on, and having the best available talent to propel the adoption of the technologies even further within automotive manufacturing, is where we are on hand to help.  

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Aerospace & SPACE

Whether using 3D Printing to consolidate assemblies into a single part or for increased levels of geometric design freedom and overall weight reduction, using additive technologies within the aerospace industry is fast becoming a commonality.

Finding skilled professionals with experience in the aerospace and/or additive manufacturing industries can oftentimes seem an impossible task, except when you have the experience and frameworks in place to find that talent. This is where we come in, Alexander Daniels Global is your talent partner.

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From customized prosthetics and implants, to anatomical models for surgical planning and education, 3D Printing within the medical industry has allowed for advancement beyond what could have been expected.

With the use of additive technologies, comes the need for a skilled workforce to operate, maintain and innovate within the reaches of the printers. At Alexander Daniels Global, we are on hand to find and place the best available talent for your medical business needs.

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Our recruitment packages

Whether you are in need of filling a skills gap, or perhaps looking to expand your business. Whatever your business needs may be, Alexander Daniels Global is able to offer a recruitment solution that suits you. We align ourselves with your business goals and seek to advise you on the talent that will help you to achieve those goals. 

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