talent attraction

We work with a comprehensive multi-channel approach to talent attraction, that combines standard sourcing with innovative and unique solutions. This is to ensure we are attracting the most suitable candidates for your specific requirements.

We work with each client to establish a suitable process and approach to talent attraction, based on the following methods

talent attraction 3d printing

Targeted Search / Headhunting

The headhunting is targeted at companies similar to yours, including your competitors, so that you will get the best fitting professionals for your business.

Moreover, our consultants are skilled in headhunting the best talent, even if that talent is outside the additive manufacturing industry, but has synergies to AM. 

International network

Through our +5 years recruiting exclusively for the additive manufacturing industry, we have established a comprehensive network of highly skilled professionals (+65,000 professionals).

Our network spans across the globe, having recruited for positions in many corners of the world.

Talent Database

Through our Career Portal, we have established an international database of talented individuals, complete with CV’s and screenings.

Strategic advertising

We advertise job openings on multiple channels:

We have an extensive verification and qualification process to ensure we are only presenting you with the most suitable shortlist of candidates for your requirements.

Are you hiring new employees now or in the future?

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