3d Printing Talent Market Whitepaper 2019

Market numbers and deep dive into the hiring landscape, split by geographic region. Your one-stop-shop to understanding the 3D printing / additive manufacturing talent market.


The Talent Market

A detailed analysis with more than 35 figures and diagrams describing the talent market, split by geographic regions and hub spots. The analyses provide a thorough insight into the talent market and key hiring trends. The analyses contain market trends, the big employers, the demand for talent split by discipline, the skills in demand, seniority levels in demand, the availability of talent, and the talent gap.

The Hiring Toolbox

Understand why it is difficult to hire in AM, and understand how to overcome the barriers to hiring. The Hiring Toolbox is a practical and solution focused guide to help you overcome your hiring needs and attract, hire and retain the best 3D printing professionals.



Good Reasons for the Talent Market Whitepaper

  • Insights and analysis to guide your fundamental hiring decisions
  • Understand what the talent is really looking for in a job
  • Insights and analysis on hot spots in the global market for additive manufacturing; where it is easier or harder to recruit staff
  • Understand the talent landscape in 3D Printing on a global level, and on a regional level
  • Understand the hiring trends and who you are competing with for talent
  • An invaluable tool for the HR professional’s armory for hiring in the 3D Printing industry
  • In-depth analysis of the pains and pressures of hiring and practical advice on how to overcome them
  • Answer the questions HR managers have about recruiting in the 3D printing industry





What’s inside?

  • Key talent market trends to help companies make informed recruitment decisions
  • Analysis of the top in-demand jobs, globally
  • Figures summarizing the top in-demand job disciplines broken down by geographic regions
  • A breakdown of the demand and supply by discipline, location and seniority
  • Hiring trends in the major AM hubs
  • Hiring toolbox providing additive manufacturing employers with essential advice on how to hire in the AM industry; from uncovering the barriers to hiring, to strategic advice on attracting, hiring and retaining talented professionals
  • Analysis of the 3D printing talent market