AM Talent Market Whitepaper

The hiring toolbox for additive manufacturing and 3d printing employers


About the report

As niche recruiters in the additive and advanced manufacturing industry,
we have the full grasp of the talent market and we know what struggles
hiring companies are faced with daily.
We have created this whitepaper to support AM employers in their quest
for top talent. This whitepaper can be used as a tool if you are a hiring
company. It seeks to answer burning hiring questions including:

  • What are the current hiring trends?
  • How is the talent market in my region?
  • How can my company win the war for talent in additive and advanced
  • What challenges are there in attracting top talent?
  • How can I overcome the barriers to hiring?
  • How do I attract, hire and retain top talent?
  • What are the motivations for candidates to change jobs?


Reactions from the industry:

Neil Hopkinson, Director of 3D Printing at Xaar: I’d like to congratulate the team at Alexander Daniels Global for creating an extremely insightful and original document –  I found it a most compelling read.  To give some context – having been at the forefront of this industry for over 20 years, these days I find  a significant amount of the reading material that comes my way to be a variation on long established themes; this was not the case with this whitepaper.


Gregory Hayes, Director of Applications and Consulting at EOS North America: I want to both congratulate and thank you for putting together this insightful document.  This is a great resource that puts facts and figures to what industry leaders in AM have been experiencing over the past years.  At EOS, we continuously aim to push the additive manufacturing markets forward, and having resources such as what you have compiled are extremely helpful.  Great Work!



Section overview

Section 1: Hiring Trends & the War for Talent: This section breaks down the AM hiring market; from current trends, to hiring forecast and a specification of the war on talent.

Section 2: Regional Talent Market Analysis: This analysis breaks down the talent market in two geographic regions; In this analysis we specify the market, the biggest players, the talent gap and the top demanded skills in North America and Europe.

Section 3: Hiring Advice: This section contains our top advice on how to successfully and efficiently attract, hire and retain top AM talent, based on our niche experience and in-depth knowledge of the AM hiring market. We help you pinpoint why it is difficult to hire and how to move beyond the barriers.