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help hub

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the last few weeks and months have been challenging for everyone. We have created this Coronavirus help hub of initiatives and free content in an attempt to help companies and talented additive manufacturing professionals who may have been affected by the crisis.

Coronavirus response hub

an overview of our offers

Outplacement services

Laying off workers is never pleasant. We can support your organisation and provide post-redundancy coaching for your redundant workers. Click to read more.

HR crisis management advice for employers

What does good employee management in a crisis look like? Could interim employees be a solution for us? How do you hire in a crisis? Your questions answered.

free career advice booklet

Download a free Additive Manufacturing Career Advice Booklet to help you on your next career path. A booklet packed with our best advice on optimizing your CV, interview advice, etc.

Free content

Get to know the Additive Manufacturing talent market with free content. Free Salary Survey and free regional Talent Market Whitepaper.

Free career advice booklet

This booklet aims to equip you for the next step in your career and will hopefully help you land your dream job in Additive Manufacturing.

  • Starting your job hunt
  • Preparing your documents (CV, cover letter)
  • Job interview tips
  • Advice for junior professionals
  • Advice for senior professionals

Free content

salary survey

The most comprehensive salary study in the Additive Manufacturing industry.

  • Providing insights for AM employers to assist their talent strategy for 2021. 
  • Providing AM professionals with a salary benchmark to enable comparison.

Regional talent market whitepaper

This whitepaper analyses the talent market in AM, in-depth. It provides all the information you would need about the hiring landscape, such as the key hiring trends, the in-demand skills, the big players, and the talent shortage. It also provides a hiring toolbox for AM organisations that includes our top advice on how to attract, hire and retain the best professionals. 

Obtain a free regional report, or purchase the full report.

HR crisis management advice

Interim; a solution to crisis Management

Interim employees may be a solution to closing a skills gap during a crisis. We have written a brief article on the matter.

Hiring in a crisis; the what, how and why

Our advice to companies on how to deal with hiring in a crisis, answering some of your burning questions.

what does good employee management look like, in a time of crisis?

How you manage your employees now, in the Coronavirus crisis, will affect your employer brand in the long run. Here are some tips and tricks to good employee management in a crisis. 

Outplacement services

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We are in a challenging time where the economic downturn forces companies to downsize and let go of valuable employees. To help both organisations and employees through this uncomfortable transition, Alexander Daniels Global are offering outplacement services. We draw on years of HR experience and our niche knowledge in the additive manufacturing / 3D printing job market, to guide and help your valued ex-employees through this time.

We are offering a complimentary and a premium option.

Complimentary: we are offering free webinars with basics of preparing a CV, interview tips and advice on how to find your next job opportunity.

Premium: for a fee, we will offer one-on-one career counselling and workshops designed to empower and equip the redundant workers for their next steps and a future job search.

Outplacement services can positively benefit your organisation, considering its potential impact on employee engagement, acceptance and success both in- and outside the organisation. 

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We hope this Coronavirus help hub has brought you some value.

Whether you are an employer or a professional in the Additive Manufacturing industry, we want to help you through this crisis as best as possible. Contact us below, and let us help you.

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