Case study: application engineers

ADDITIVE manufacturing application ENGINEERs

Client: confidential

Location: united states

The case

The client requested our service to assist the business in identifying new R&D engineers to join the business and enable the company to establish its first serial production facility related to AM.

Although the company viewed this as R&D It became very apparent to our team that the requirement was more focused on application engineering as all candidates required hands on experience in operating printers. Through our advice and support  the specification was adjusted to reflect this and although several candidates had been missed out on we were successful in filling both requirements with exceptional talent.

the placement

We placed two candidates for these roles.

The first had in-depth knowledge of metallography and several printer types including SLM. Moreover, he is fully capable of managing production of parts from design through to validation and testing.

The second was fully capable of operating a variety of printers (SLM, SLS, DED) and to design and develop parts. He had also previously held a TED talk on a great piece of innovation he was involved in with AM and is well versed in printing in a variety of materials.

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