Top 10 incredible benefits of 3D printing

top 10 incredible benefits of 3D printing

top 10 benefits of 3d printing

We got into the 3D Printing industry because we believe it will change people’s lives. These are some of the incredible benefits of 3D Printing / additive manufacturing.

1. Mitigate risk

By verifying the design before investing in an expensive molding tool, you not only mitigate the risk, but you shorten the R&D time

2. Shorter lead-time

3D printing allows for ideas to be developed faster than ever which reduces lead-time and time-to-market significantly

3. Sustainability

3D printing takes up less energy than traditional manufacturing AND the flexibility in terms of what materials to print with, allows for printing with recycled and/or biodegradable materials

4. It’s anybody’s games

3D printing is not only limited to a certain industry but can be employed by virtually all industries – everything from printing organs to aerospace components. Just over 70% of manufacturers have found a way to use 3D printing according to a 2016 survey by PwC.

5. Customization

Especially useful in the medical and dental industries

6. Single step manufacturing = efficiency

One of the biggest pains of designers is how to produce a part as efficiently as possible – 3D printing, as opposed to traditional manufacturing, does not require a large number of steps to produce. 3D printing skips up to eight steps in the manufacturing process!

7. Difficult shapes made easy

Traditional manufacturing relies on mold and cutting to produce shapes, making it difficult to achieve certain shapes and cuts. The 3D printer’s nozzle however, can produce infinite shapes and complex figures

8. Improving communication one print at a time

Visually displaying your ideas by 3D printing allows for a clearer communication and a stronger sales pitch!

9. Less waste

Much less surplus material and lighter products – up to 60% lighter

10. Mixing it up

3D printing allows for mixing different raw materials – components can now be offered with tens of different materials, strengths and temperature resistance thanks to mixing raw materials!

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