Specialized additive manufacturing jobs are booming. How to take advantage

Sales Job additive manufacturing

Sales positions within additive manufacturing are booming, with major companies from all over the world competing to push their products to market. We are seeing a lot of openings, but not enough candidates to fill those roles.

We have asked our recruiters how experienced candidates can take full advantage of this highly favorable hiring environment for sales professionals.

1. Highlight specialization

Hiring companies in the additive manufacturing / 3D printing industry are increasingly focusing on specialized sales professionals. Specifically, AM companies are looking for technical sales professionals and software sales professionals.

To exploit this, make sure that your LinkedIn profile and/or your resume clearly reflects your sector specific sales experience and what type of products/services you have experience selling. This approach makes it easier for employers to identify your specialization and match you with a job opportunity.

2. Adopt the right attitude

AM employers are looking for people with a hunter mentality; people that are competitive with themselves, ambitious and ethical. They want sales people who understand that getting a sale should be done by conveying the message and value of the product, and not by discounting the product. Employers want a lion living in the safari and not in the zoo; someone who has to work hard to be successful and not rely on the zoo keeper for every meal.

3. Build Relationships

Even though the current environment for Specialized Sales hiring is favourable for qualified candidates, don’t go through it alone. You may be missing out on opportunities that can only come through strong professional connections.

One way of building such a network and opening a new world of job possibilities is to engage with a recruiter. You will benefit from the relationships they have with employers AND they are instrumental to promoting your value in the best possible way to employers.

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