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Recruitment Approaches in Additive Manufacturing: What’s Missing?

When the time comes to recruit, do you do it internally, or do you opt to employ recruitment services externally?

If you recruit with the help of a recruitment company, what do they typically offer you in terms of service? Your answer might be: “Executive Search” services or “Advanced Selection” or even “Contingent” (if you’re looking for a one-off hire).

These services that exist are great because they work.

Recruitment companies might even seek to improve those services by adding in video interviewing platforms or promising ways in which they could cut down the time-to-hire.

Yet, there are 3 things that are fundamentally important when recruiting into your organization. 3 things that we often hear from clients as being of high importance to them:

  •        Right fit
  •        Time-to-hire
  •        Cost

And these are the things that often get weighed up when approaching a recruitment company. You may ask yourself: “Can they meet my needs?”

What if there was a solution that was able to meet those fundamental needs, but that was different from the traditional approaches to recruitment, and even went beyond just using video interviewing platforms to spruce up the process?

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Watch Nick Pearce, Founder & CEO at Alexander Daniels Global, talking about plans to achieve just that:

Are we really missing anything?

Additive manufacturing is a very diverse industry, with a wide range of different types of businesses. From start-ups to large multinationals and everything in between; when it comes to recruitment in AM, it’s important to cater to the needs of all these organizations.

The recruitment industry is also very well established and the way it operates, with the business models that exist, simply hasn’t evolved in the last 40-50 years. Within an industry such as additive manufacturing, we believe that the services offered to our clients should match the level of innovation happening around them. In a nutshell, a modern industry, deserves modern solutions.

What that means to us, at Alexander Daniels Global, is finding a way to adapt the traditional recruiter/client relationship, and to work alongside in-house teams in large multinationals and support the growth of start-ups and scale-ups by establishing strong foundations for talent acquisition.

What Alexander Daniels Global seeks to do about it

This is why, at Alexander Daniels Global, we have set ourselves the goal of building on the traditional recruitment options available in the industry.

We are planning to launch a new service offering in November 2021 which seeks to enable periods of rapid growth in AM businesses through the recruitment of expert talent; to enable teaching and development of internal teams in an effort to support recruitment procedures; and to offer start-ups and scale-ups the dedicated support they require to expand their teams.

Simon Sinek, Author of ‘Start with Why’  and Inspirational Speaker, said:

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy WHY you do it”

Our mission is to enable the next industrial revolution in additive manufacturing, through talent. Because at Alexander Daniels Global, we believe that 3D printing technologies and additive manufacturing will really change the world as we know it.

We are asking employers in the Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing industry to participate in our market research to support the development of such a recruitment service.

Take part in our short survey and support Alexander Daniels Global in shaping the future of recruitment for Additive Manufacturing.

We are accepting responses until October 15, 2021!

You can also see the great incentives we’re offering for your time and participation by clicking learn more.

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