Formnext Connect Highlights: Day 1

Formnext Connect highlights: day 1 (10.11.2020)

SLM Solutions Launch additive manufacturing machine 3d printing

Sustainability, optimism, and enthusiasm. These are the key words we would use to describe the first day of Formnext 2020.

Here are our top 3 highlights from today:


1. SLM Solutions Launches groundbreaking new 12-laser, 20x faster metal 3D Printer

SLM Solutions’ CEO, Meddah Hadjar, calls the new machine “the start of a new era in manufacturing”. SLM Solutions has today launched a new machine in a new technology series, and what they call the boldest and most game changing machine to date: NXG XII 600.

The new SLM machine has 12 lasers and is lightening fast. The machine is designed and optimized for high-volume, serial production, and will be an important integration into serial production using additive manufacturing. Exciting!

Read more about the machine here and watch the launch video here.


2. Formnext Startup Challenge Impact Award

For the first time, the Formnext Startup Challenge included a specific Impact Award, an award focused on startups that take important steps in making the additive manufacturing industry more sustainable.

The winner of the Impact Award, MolyWorks, has invented a closed loop metal recycling system turning metal scrap into metal powder, and turning that into parts. MolyWorks’ invention and drive is an important step towards enabling the circular economy and we are excited to follow them!


3. Great partnerships announced

DyeMansion announced several partnerships in their endeavour to industrialise additive manufacturing. The new partnerships include Siemens, Paragon, and Digital Manufacturing Centre in the UK.

Read more about the partnerships here.

An additional partnership announcement coming from Formnext is Stratasys teaming up with nTopology to design tools that will help manufacturers to move through product development and production quicker, combining Stratasys’ expertise with the powerful software platform from nTopology.


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