5 good reasons to job hunt in december

Too many job seekers pull the break on their job searches this time of year, and that’s a shame! Here is why you should continue your job hunt in December:

1. job hunting in december says a lot about you

Every employer wants to hire diligent and hard-working employees. The fact that you continue your job search undeterred by the holidays sends an important message about your work ethic: when you have a job to do, regardless of the time of year, you are going to do it! This sets you apart from the rest.

2. less competition

With so many of your potential ‘job rivals’ putting a break to their job hunting in December, there will be fewer people competing for openings. This boosts the odds that your application will get noticed. Waiting till January may result in your application getting lost in the pile of others.

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3. take advantage of the joy in the air

Most people tend to be in better moods in the holiday season. Recruiters, hiring managers and your colleagues are also likely to travel less and therefore be easier to reach. So this works out perfectly for you. This might be the best moment to start getting you references in order. While everyone’s spirits are high, why not reach out to those who could give you those stellar references that will help your CV stand out in the inbox?

4. the hiring market isn’t as slow as you think

December is a time when many employers are preparing the new hires for the coming year and are setting aside hiring dollars for new positions. As the budgets get finalized, your application could be on top of the pile of the first people to be hired next year.

5. networking comes naturally

The holiday season offers great opportunities for networking as it comes as a natural part of the many social gatherings throughout the month. Take advantage of this. Make it a goal to attend at least three networking events during the holiday season to build your network.

So there you have it! The reasons you should ramp up your job hunt in December.

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