3 reasons why you might consider a career in 3D printing

3 reasons why you might consider a career in 3d printing

3 reasons to consider a career in 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing

You recently became interested in 3D printing. You have read about it and got fascinated by its innovative technology, countless applications and materials. From food to human parts, 3D printing is becoming more  applied to our daily lives and in production. You want to know more about it, and you are considering a fresh start in additive manufacturing or a change of career.

Does this apply to you? We have asked Alexander Daniels Global recruiters to come up with three reasons why you might want to consider a career in 3D printing.

1. 3D printing is the future

Odds are that 3D printing, however slower and sometimes less precise than CNC, moulding and other manufacturing methods at the present, will gain an increasingly bigger share of the manufacturing industry as we know it today. Mainly still used for prototyping, the AM industry is full of potential and we can only guess what the next appliance for 3D printing is going to be. Surely, in any industry where every part is complex and custom, the room for improvement for 3D printing is still huge. With new materials continuously being discovered, developed and applied almost on a daily basis, we like to say that imagination is the only limit.

Whether we are talking about consumer goods, high tech or healthcare; 3D printing can find its applications and we believe that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of the 3D Printing industry.

2. Demand is higher than the supply

In an industry where the demand for jobs is higher than the supply of professionals to fill these jobs, it is no wonder why most of the AM professionals are employed and receive high salaries. In an emerging industry, like Additive Manufacturing, it happens that the technology is growing at a faster rate than professionals are upskilling to cover specific 3D printing roles. The request for 3D printing jobs is constantly increasing and companies often struggle to find their best fit. Therefore, you are in a position of competitive advantage for a better negotiation than you would in other industries, which may help you to land your dream job.

3. Transferable skills

Do not worry if you do not have the adequate skills to go into 3D printing right now. The skills that you have developed throughout your career are likely to be transferable! Whether you have worked in R&D, Marketing, Sales, Application/Consulting, Software or Service before, a change of career path should not worry you. In fact, the skills that you have mastered throughout these years might come handy when approaching the Additive Manufacturing industry. The same applies if you have experience with other methods of manufacturing whether it is Injection Moulding or Computer numerical control machining (CNC machining). AM professionals are requested in numerous disciplines.

Want a career in 3D Printing / additive manufacturing?

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