Attracting Top Talent In a Competitive Hiring Market

Steady job growth in 3D printing coupled with close to 0% unemployment rate provides a powerful incentive for the top professionals to shop around for the best opportunity. So how do you attract these top professionals?

We give you our top tips based on our Salary Survey 2017



65% of our AM professional respondents state that Career Progression is a major motivator to change jobs.

Make sure you present a clear career path of the position upfront, and already at the point of interview with potential new employees. Make sure you understand the motivation and ambition of the candidate to ensure that the candidate is a fit for the position and the career progression it offers.



Commuting and relocation is one of the major deal breakers for candidates when offered a job.

65% of our respondents think relocation is a motivation to change job.

The additive manufacturing industry is growing tremendously, but is still rather small. Because talent is often acquired from industries with synergies to additive manufacturing, the talent is spread out across the globe. Moreover, many AM facilities are based in remote locations outside of major cities, so attracting talent to here can be very challenging.

This means that job offers may include mandatory relocation, both nationally and internationally. This is often a deal breaker – especially for professionals with families – which unfortunately causes rejection of job offers, and essentially a waste of talent.

Remote working arrangements may not be possible when it comes to intercontinental moves, but should be considered within the same country. As an example, even within the United States, where many AM facilities are located in remote areas, companies seem reluctant to offer remote working arrangements to secure the right talent. Because of the talent shortage, companies need to be more flexible if they want the best talent.

If remote working is not a possibility, companies should be ready to offer a highly attractive relocation package in which taxes, cost of living, etc., has been accounted for.



Salary is the major deal breaker / motivator to change jobs in this industry with 70% of respondents claiming so. To guide employers and employees on salary norms in this young industry, we have conducted a salary benchmark study. The study was done across the world, to ensure its usefulness in all markets.


It is important to notice that it can become expensive to offer a lower salary to a professional because the cost of replacing an employee is expensive.

It costs employers 33% of a worker’s annual salary to hire a replacement if that worker leaves, according to 2018 SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Report.

Within this number are other less quantifiable obstacles to company success, such as

  • Inefficient business operations due to transition periods, training of new employee, etc.
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Workplace morale and productivity: high employee turnover creates a negative environment that tends to reinforce itself


If you need any guidance on how to find the top professionals in 3D printing, we are always ready to help!

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